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What our customer say

  • Best Pot Rack. Simple Solution to Kitchen Organization.
    My longstanding frustration of disorganized pot is over! One really neat thing is that some of the pot lids actually fit in the pots and are storable as well. The versatility of this organizer is awesome because it can be used on a kitchen counter or in a cabinet (horizontal or vertically).


  • The Hercules of Skillet Racks
    Perfect for organizing my cast iron pans! There’s no sagging & I’ve got 10, 8 & 5” Lodge pans on the raised levels. The grooved square pan is on the bottom/base level. I also often place my extra sauce pan on the top level to get it out of the way.


  • Sturdy, Must-Have for Expensive Cookware or Organizing Your Kitchen
    I have some All-Clad cookware as well as some cast iron enameled Staub cookware and the Premium Heavy Duty Pan Organizer is a sturdy storage organizer. Well built, it can even be installed with the included screws! I love it!